Photo by Nicole Marie Photography

Photo by Nicole Marie Photography

Hi! I'm Kelsey, and I'm a lover of capturing moments. I find it so wonderful to be able to essentially freeze a moment in time through photography. It brings me absolute joy to be able to give people the ability to celebrate in moments that are so quickly put in the past. 

Thanks so much for your time here! If you're interested I'd love to meet up and grab some coffee! (or ice cream, no need to limit our options to coffee) Can't wait to get together and make something beautiful.


"I was asked by my wife to tell everyone a little something about her. Either she thinks I'm good with my words, or is too humble and modest to say anything nice about herself. Kelsey is such a sweet, kind person. Whether she is just talking to you or taking your picture, you will never catch her without a smile on her face. Even if you think you blinked during a photo or are not looking your best, having her take your pictures, hearing her laugh and smile you will assume each and every photo is good enough to make the cover of Time Magazine. And they will be.

Kels is so easy to work with and will go out of her way every time to serve and get things exactly how you want them. Her love language is acts of service and she gets so much joy in making others happy. This asset carries over to her photography business where she works to not only give you photos that you love but photos that you will definitely want to show off.

You will never have to worry about her not being prepared or unorganized before or during a shoot. Kels takes a lot of pride in her work and will prove to be worth every penny for the photos. I'm biased as her husband but I've watched her do photoshoots and its just as fun for her as it is for her clients. Don't take my word for it, see her gallery for yourself. Contact her, and get ready to see how photogenic you really are."